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THANK YOU so much for visiting our store! Pure Home, LLC has been seeking out and selling the absolute best organic, all-natural products since 2017! This company started as an extension of a plumbing company. Go figure! That plumbing company noticed that a lot of products used to treat septic tanks were terrible for the environment. They searched the US for environmentally safe alternatives and found a few great companies. This led the plumbing company to look into other healthy products for the home and eventually for our bodies. Pure Home, LLC was born to create a place where a community of environmentally conscious people could come to find the best products for their lifestyle. And with that, www.purhomelifestyle.com was created.

We will be giving away products to our test group. Check us out on Facebook!

Our FB group is named Pure Home Family. We work together as a family to find the best products available.

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